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December 1 – December 24


John 3:16—“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”


As you prepare your hearts for the birth of Jesus, consider how you can decorate your home to help your family focus on His birth. Which decorations direct your family to Jesus and which decorations distract you from Him? What decorations can you include that lead your hearts and minds to Jesus’ birth?

Nativity sets are an excellent way to help your family remember the story of His birth. Consider using elements of the nativity scene separately, such as sheep, stars, or angels.

You could also build anticipation for Christmas Day by moving from darkness to light through the season; simply add lights to the tree or around the house as Christmas Day approaches. Many families choose to celebrate this season with an Advent wreath. You can make a wreath with your children out of real or plastic evergreen branches. Then place five candle holders in the center of the wreath. Traditionally, three of the candles are purple, one is pink, and one is white. During the first week of Advent, light one of the purple candles to celebrate the hope we have in Christ. The following week, light another one of the purple candles to remember the peace with God that Jesus made possible for us through the gift of His life. The third week, light the pink candle of joy to celebrate how happy we are that Jesus came into our lives. On the fourth week, before Christmas Day, light the final purple candle to remember God’s incredible love for us. Light the white Christ candle on Christmas Day to remind your family that Christmas is all about Christ!


Listen to our seasonal playlist for songs you can sing with your family.



Heavenly Father, Your Son, Jesus, is Your greatest gift to us, a great sign of Your love. Guide us as we walk in that love together as a family this Advent. As we prepare our hearts for Christmas, bring us closer to each other and to Your Son, Jesus. Give us the grace and strength we need every day. Help us to always trust in You. Come, Lord Jesus; lead all people closer to You. Come and remove the darkness of our world with the light of Your love. Amen.


Christmas Eve Worship. Plan on attending one of the Christmas Eve worship services together as a family. As you go, remind everyone who you are worshiping. After the service, ask each of your kids their thoughts on the experience. Ask them if they have any questions.

Hints and Clues. God gave His people many hints and clues about the birth of Jesus throughout the Old Testament. God was helping His people wait for their Savior. Take the opportunity to provide your family hints and clues about the ways you’ll be celebrating Christmas: visits with family, gifts, traditions, activities, etc. Help each member experience the anticipation that comes from waiting. After you have participated in those activities, be sure and remind your children of how God fulfilled each of His prophecies in Jesus!

Secret Gift. Pick a student in your child’s class at school to purchase a gift for. Work as a family to pick out something that will bless this student. Ask the teacher to deliver the gift without anyone knowing who gave it. Encourage each person in your family to contribute to the gift in some way.

Color the Names. Have everyone pick one of the names from Isaiah 9:6 (Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace) and draw a picture that represents that name on a piece of paper; use craft supplies to color and decorate it. Encourage each child to be as creative as they can in decorating their picture. Display the finished pictures where you will see them each day. Use them as a reminder of who Jesus is.


Family Puzzle. Work on a Christmas puzzle and keep it on display in your home throughout the holiday season. When you finish the puzzle, write everyone’s names and ages on the outside of the box to remember the year.

Journey to the Stable. Take the Mary, Joseph, and donkey figures from your nativity set and place them as far away from the stable as possible, while still keeping them inside your home. Each day, have one of the kids move them one step closer to the stable as you read the Advent verse for the day. On Christmas Eve, place the pieces in the stable, and read the story of Jesus’ birth.

Christmas Movie Snuggle. Make a snack for everyone. Pick a Christmas movie for your family to watch together. Have everyone get in their pajamas, snuggle up, and watch it together.


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