September 13 – November 21



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September 13 – September 19
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October 18 – October 24
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WEEKS 42-51

September 13 – November 21


John 14:6“Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’”


Listen to our seasonal playlist for songs you can sing with your family.



Use your prayer time to pray specifically for those around you as well as those around the world who do not know Jesus. As you pray for God to work in their hearts, fill in the blanks below with their names.

“Father, help us continue to build a caring relationship with _____________. We know that You love _____________ and sent Your Son to die so he/she may have eternal life. Open _____________’s eyes to see the truth of the gospel. Give him/her an understanding of his/her need for You. Please, help me share how Your love has changed my life. We wait for the day when _____________ chooses to give his/her life to You, Father. Help him/her understand that the only way to receive eternal life is through Jesus. Amen.”

Pick a country in another part of the world and pray for that country specifically. You can pick a new country each time, or one that you pray for regularly. If you need help picking a country, visit joshuaproject.net, where you can learn about the prayer needs of each country.

“God, we pray for the people in _____________. We know that You love all of the people of the world, including those who live in _____________. We ask that they would come to know You and love You. Please help the Christians in _____________ to teach others about You. Keep the churches safe and help them grow. Bless the missionaries who are serving You in _____________. Provide for the needs of the people there and help them to see how much You love them. God, give me a heart to love the people from _____________ and help them understand that the only way to receive eternal life is through Jesus. Amen.”


The Lost Around Us. There are people all around us who do not know Jesus. We know from John 14:6 that Jesus is the only way to the Father. Encourage each member of your family to pick someone that doesn’t know Jesus and to share the name of that person with the family. Spend time praying for that person to come to know Jesus. Encourage each other to tell that person about Jesus.

Spiritual Stories. Sharing our spiritual stories, or testimonies, is an important part of our Christian faith. As we share our stories, we are testifying to the work of God in our lives. When we share our stories, we are reminded that we need God in every area of our lives, not just for salvation. Use the following questions to help you share your spiritual story with your family: What was my life like before I knew Christ? When did I first hear or understand the gospel? What made me decide to follow Jesus? How has my life been different now that I am a follower of Jesus? What is God teaching me right now?

Get to Know You Dinner. We believe the gospel travels best on the road of relationships. That means we can better share the gospel when we have relationships with the people around us who need Jesus. As a family, take some time to talk about other families who you interact with during the week but do not know very well. Pick a night of the week and invite them over for dinner. Prepare some questions beforehand to help you get to know the other family better. You could ask them: Where did you grow up? What pets do you have? How long have you lived here? What are your favorite things to do on the weekend?

Unreached People Group of the Day. An unreached people group is a group of people without a local community of believing Christians who can share the gospel with them. Typically, this is a people group that is less than 5% Christian. Commit to praying for an unreached people group. A great resource to help you pray for unreached people groups is the Joshua Project App. Download the app to get information about unreached people around the world. Take time each day to pray together for the “Unreached of the Day” or pick a people group in a specific country. Pray that God would make Himself known among that people group. You can look up more information on each of the unreached people groups at joshuaproject.net.


Pumpkin Carving. Visit a pumpkin patch and buy a couple of pumpkins for your family to carve. You can buy or download carving kits with patterns or you can create your own designs with a marker. You can save the pumpkin seeds and roast them for a fun treat.

Gourmet S’Mores. If you have a way to build a fire, build one and make gourmet s’mores. Instead of a standard chocolate bar, let each person pick out whichever candy bar they would like to make their s’more. If you don’t have a way to make a fire, you can broil the marshmallows in the oven to brown and melt them.

Leaves are Changing. Pick a time to drive around Northwest Arkansas and admire all of the leaves with changing colors. Some beautiful places to go include White Rock Mountain, the Buffalo River, or Lake Wedington. You can pack a picnic dinner and make a night of it. You can also play a game where you try to find as many different colors of leaves as you can.



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