This book is divided into several sections with weekly, daily, and seasonal ways to engage. Daily, there is a scripture reading plan. Weekly, you’ll find a written devotional, reflection questions, a discussion question, and a prayer. Seasonally, there are section introductions providing historical context for each season as well as ideas for family discipleship.

Our hope is that this book will help us see Jesus clearly together as we pursue a consistent and deep connection with God and others in the church. Use this book in your personal time with Jesus, and bring it with you to weekly worship services. Take notes in the book! Refer to this book and your notes during community group. Walk through Clarity in a discipleship or mentor relationship. Process what you learn with your family, friends, and greater community.


Throughout the year, there is a reading plan with passages for each day. Most days will have a passage from the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs, with the exception of Sundays, which will have a single passage along with a written devotional. At the end of the year, you’ll have read all of Psalms, Proverbs, and most of the New Testament! These passages will track alongside the teachings from the worship services and be tied to the content from this book. Join us this year in committing to daily scripture reading alongside our entire church family.


Each week there is a written devotional thought based on that Sunday’s passage from the reading plan. The verses used will be tied to the teachings in the worship services that weekend.


Spend time reflecting on Jesus, what He may be trying to teach you, and how you can apply His Word to your life. Clear away distractions and interact with God’s Word deeply and honestly.

Challenge yourself to engage with things that are difficult. Use these questions as a guide to help you process God’s Truth in your life. Be specific in your answers, and try to take action based upon what you are learning each week. You are encouraged to write in this book; this can help you feel accountable and gives you the ability to look back on what you have been processing.


We encourage you to share what you are learning about Jesus with other people. This allows others to learn about Jesus and you to hear what other people are thinking.

The discussion questions are intended to be conversation starters that can lead to deeper, spiritual conversations. They are intentionally written so they can be answered by someone who follows Jesus or someone who does not. Ask these questions to people around you each week, and practice the art of truly listening. Try to develop the skill of having spiritual conversations, especially with people who don’t know Jesus! Don’t let the discussion remain at the surface level. Listen for open doors to share what you are learning and point people to Jesus!

These questions can also foster spiritual conversations within the church. Ask these questions as you encounter other people from church at a worship service, community group, or where you go throughout your day. You should also be ready for someone to ask you.


God is powerful, personal, caring, good, and sovereign over all things. He hears our prayers and wants us to talk to Him. We want to be unified in seeking God’s will and God’s heart in our lives and the world. Commit to praying with us this year. Pray through these weekly prayers, but also use them as prompts to pray as the Holy Spirit leads you. We believe that when we all actively pursue the Lord together, we will see Him work in ways we never could have expected or accomplished on our own.


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    Thank you

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  3. Kendall Thompson

    My friend, Ken Kloet from NWA invited me to do this with him. I live in Michigan, so I will not be attending any of the in-house services. Thanks for the work that has been done to allow others to participate. Kendall


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