May 31 – June 6



Acts 2:1-4


John 6:22-59; Psalm 78:63-72; Proverbs 15:21-23


John 6:60-71; John 7:1-24; Psalm 79:1-5; Proverbs 15:24-26


John 7:25-52; Psalm 79:6-13; Proverbs 15:27-29


John 7:53; John 8:1-38; Psalm 80:1-10; Proverbs 15:30-33


John 8:39-59; Psalm 80:11-19; Proverbs 16:1-3


John 9:1-41; Psalm 81:1-16; Proverbs 16:4-6


Before Jesus ascended into heaven, He made it clear that His mission was to see disciples made in all nations of the world. With this strategic goal in mind, why would He leave? He conquered death! What could possibly have stopped Him had He stayed to oversee the mission Himself?

Yet, Jesus said it would be better for Him to go. He intended for His followers to continue His life-giving mission, but He wouldn’t leave them alone. Jesus promised the Holy Spirit would come to dwell in them, guide them into truth, and remind them of what Jesus said, comforting and empowering them for good works.

Just ten days after Jesus ascended, we see the full arrival of the Holy Spirit. We might not regularly experience the rushing winds and flames of fire that the followers of Jesus experienced when the Spirit first came, but if we have any hope of carrying out the mission of Jesus, we must learn to recognize that the Spirit of God is active in every believer.

Whenever we find the Scriptures speaking into our lives, the courage to speak to an outsider and invite them in, or the conviction to tell the truth at the expense of comfort, these small moments of heart transformation are evidence of the Spirit of God working. Let us pray He continues to transform us bit by bit into the likeness of Jesus.

If the same Spirit that powerfully raised Jesus from the dead dwells inside of us, then what could possibly stop us as we continue the mission of Jesus to the ends of the earth? He is with us. May we live like we believe it.


Do you believe that the Spirit of God actually lives inside of you? How are you able to know if He does? What evidence or lack of evidence do you see?

How have you seen the Holy Spirit work in other people? How can you encourage someone this week regarding the Spirit’s work in his or her life?

How can you remind yourself that the Holy Spirit is present in you and open yourself to His influence? Are there any distractions in your life that might be impairing your connection with Him?


How has your view on religion changed over your life?


God, from the first time I called upon Jesus as my Savior, Your Spirit has been living within me and working in my life. I am so thankful for Your Spirit of Truth that abides in me and teaches me all things. Lord, I need You. Reveal Yourself to me more every day. Fill me with Your Spirit and lead me. Convict me of my sin. Help me set my heart on You today. Remove every distraction. You have my full attention.

Holy Spirit, guide Your Church. Let us be a people marked by our faith and love. Help us to be unified in our vision and our mission. Lord, give me the wisdom, grace, patience, and love to reconcile with others.

I want to hear Your voice and experience Your powerful presence every day of my life. Move mightily in and through me as You guide me in all truth. I fully submit to Your leading in my life. Amen.


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