July 26 – August 1



Mark 13:32-37


I Thessalonians 4:13-18; Psalm 103:13-22; Proverbs 20:29-30


Romans 15:14-33; Psalm 104:1-7; Proverbs 21:1-4


Romans 16:1-23; Psalm 104:8-17; Proverbs 21:5-7


Romans 16:24-27; Psalm 104:18-25; Proverbs 21:8-11


Acts 1:1-26; Psalm 104:26-35; Proverbs 21:12-14


Acts 2:1-41; Psalm 105:1-10; Proverbs 21:15-17


The Bible says that Jesus will return, although nobody knows when He will come back. Explaining this to His disciples, Jesus told a story about a master who left on a journey and gave two things to his workers: a promise that he would return one day and responsibility over his work. Each servant had their own specific task to accomplish. They alone had ownership over what the master had given them. He warned the workers to keep watch because the master could come back at any time. They would not want the master to arrive finding that they had done nothing with their tasks, or worse, for him to find them sleeping.

Anticipating His departure from this earth, Jesus uses this story to reiterate the disciples’ need to be alert and ready. In His absence they should be actively working to see their His mission accomplished as if He were to return at any moment.

Today, we are given the same charge to be alert and ready for Jesus to return at any time. Nobody knows the day or time that He will return. Until He does, we are able to live out His mission as if He were coming back today. As followers of Jesus, we each have a specific responsibility in the work of knowing Jesus and making Him known to a world in desperate need of Him. Do you know the work Jesus has given you? If you do, are you following it? Because the truth is this: our Master is coming back. Will we be working to complete His mission of restoring all things under His good and just reign, or will we be asleep when He comes? May we be people who are working for the coming kingdom as we look forward to our Master’s return!


Do you think that Jesus has specific work that He wants you to do? What do you think it is (or how can you process this if you aren’t sure)? How are you seeking to see this accomplished every day?

Scripture promises Jesus is returning. How does that truth impact the way you live your life now?

Jesus calls His disciples to be “on guard” and to “stay awake.” Is there a conversation with a friend or loved one about the gospel that you have been putting off? What steps can you take this week to begin that conversation?


What do you think gives meaning to someone’s life?


Lord, help me to not lose focus. Let me not grow lazy. Thank You for the opportunities that You have given me to be a part of Your ministry in the world. Don’t let me overlook, ignore, or delay any opportunities You have given me to glorify You. Help me make the most of my life for Your name and Your kingdom. I know the time will come when You will return and make all things new. Until that day give me strength and perseverance that I might remain faithful.

Help me keep in step with Your Spirit so that I will not grow weary in doing good. Protect me from the temptations of this world as I long for the greatest good and deepest satisfaction of Your kingdom to come. May You be the center of my life, Lord. Guard me in Your presence. Make me aware of Your presence in my daily life while keeping me watchful and expectant of Your final coming, when You will make all things new. Amen.


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